Winter Articulation Smashmats

I have some festive winter articulation smashmats that can be used during treatment or as part of a home practice program. Kids are quite motivated by the seasons, and this cute activity will be no different!

They are easy and motivating, and your students/clients will get A LOT of motor practice in a short amount of time. 

Winter Articulation Worksheets Uses

The materials in this packet are "smash mats" or "dot pages."

You can use the pages as you would like; however, I will let you in on some of my favorite uses.

  • dot the circles with dot markers
  • color the circles crayons or makers
  • place stickers on the circles
  • laminate the pages and use dry erase markers or play doh to cover the circles
  • get a few spinners and tokens and turn them into board games

See....easy and no-prep! 

Winter Articulation Smash Mats Practice Ideas

I use these materials for both articulation and language practice since I don't have any time to prep between sessions.  Below are some of my favorite ideas.

Articulation Ideas

  • Name a picture (word level practice) and then place a token or playdough on it (motivation).
  • Point a picture, say it, and then, make up a sentence using the chosen word (sentence level practice). After, the child places a token or playdough on it (motivation).
  • Pick two pictures and make up a sentence using both words (sentence level practice and language practice).
  • Pick a favorite or least favorite picture and explain why (connected speech level practice).
  • Print off a game board and find a coin (heads is 1/tails is 2) or a dice and 2 tokens. Roll the coin/dice. Move a token along the game board and name pictures as you pass them. The first one to reach the finish line wins.

Language Practice Ideas

  • Name a function or category of a picture and then place a token or playdough on it (motivation).
  • Describe a picture and then place a token or playdough on it (motivation).
  • Find 2 pictures that are related, describe why, and then place a token or playdough on it (motivation)
  • Pick an action, place, and character picture and make up a story about them (narrative language practice).

What's Included:

  • 72 pages of fall-themed worksheets
  • There are 4 pages for the following sounds: B, D, CH, F, G, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, SH, T, TH, V, Z
  • Each sound has a penguin, candy jar, marshmallow-hot chocolate, and snowflake page
  • Each smash mat combines all word positions

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