Speech and Language Goals

Target Both Together!

Want to target speech and language goals at the same time?

In a perfect world, all of your students with similar articulation goals would be grouped together and all of your students with similar language goals would be grouped together. Done. 

However, we don't live in a perfect world and mixed groups happen!

To help those with mixed groups or to help those (like me) who don't like to plan a million activities each day, I created tier 2 language materials that are organized by articulation sounds!

Tier 2 Materials - Basic Requirements

I am a big fan of using tier 2 vocabulary during my language therapy sessions! If you aren't familiar with tier 2 vocabulary, please click the link below to brush up on it and then come back.

However, just having tier 2 vocabulary lists isn't enough. We still need to follow the research on how to best teach vocabulary. When teaching a new vocabulary word, I don't just drill them! How many things have we memorized for a test but then completely forgot it the next day?! A lot!

This is the protocol that I follow:

  • background knowledge
  • explicit teaching
  • phonological awareness (spell it/rhyme it)
  • relating words together (group, function, synonyms, opposites)
  • varied contexts/review

For more on my vocabulary learning tips, check out my page:

Articulation Materials - more than just nouns!

For years now, I have ditched the odd super duper decks that target SH in "pincushion." (you know what I'm talking about!)

A child may learn how to say "pincushion" but then leave my room and never say that word again. Not much generalization happening there. What a waste of time and energy! 

Instead, I use words in therapy that kids ACTUALLY say outside my therapy room. (the word "actually" is quite a popular one!). I use words:

  • specific to the child's life/interests
  • high-frequency words
  • and now tier 2 words!

For more information on high-frequency words and speech therapy click the link below:

Speech and Language Goals

Now, let's combine the two!

In my new materials (which I have linked a free sample below), I target tier 2 words using the above described techniques.

The words that I chose per packet are based on articulation sounds and divided up by grades. That way, I can work on articulation with my articulation kids and language with my language kids at the same time (if needed)!

What's included in my packet/protocol:

  • Overview of all 18 words (based on articulation sounds in initial/medial/final position)
  • Identifying the vocabulary word from a choice of 3 images. (this activity has lead to some amazing discussions on which image reflects the tier 2 vocab word better)
  • Answering yes/no questions
  • Naming items per category
  • Writing out definitions
  • Identifying phonological characteristics (first sound, rhyming)
  • Naming synonyms/antonyms
  • Applying the tier 2 vocabulary word to his/her life
  • Identifying parts of speech, etc...

How I use these activities:

  1. First, I do the "match the picture to the word" and "yes/no" questions. I make a note about which words were a bit harder.
  2. The next session, I pick a few easy and a few hard words and pull out the "in depth" vocabulary practice sheets for those words(i.e., phonological characteristics, synonyms, antonyms, real life application). 
  3. The next FEW sessions, I make my way through all the needed words. 
  4. Once the sheets are completed, I do the naming activities (often times these are home practices).
  5. Before I move on to new vocabulary words, I use the blank definition sheets to test for retention of learning.

NOTE: If the child is working on articulation, I work on the targeted sound while giving answers orally. Easy!

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