Activities of Daily Living Sequencing 

Activities of daily living sequencing tasks are daily tasks that children and adults must complete throughout the day. These can range from getting dressed to making food to cleaning the house to playing toys. It actually depends on the person!

To complete daily tasks, a person needs the appropriate motor skills, executive functioning skills, organization skills, memory skills, language skills, and sequencing skills.

During my speech therapy sessions, I like to target sequencing skills and vocabulary while working on daily living sequencing tasks. Keeping reading to find out HOW and to grab some free materials.

activities of daily living sequencing skills

Activities of Daily Living Sequencing Tasks

Being able to complete activities of daily living is obviously essential to life. This was a common goal I used when working in hospitals and rehab.

However, when I transitioned to schools and private practice, I realized that these activities can still be used to target many different skills, AND they are functional!!

For my current clients who tend to be children with developmental language disorders, I focus my efforts on sequencing abilities, memory compensations, and language skills.

We work on:

  • FUNCTIONAL vocabulary
  • sequencing skills 
  • story retell
  • expressive grammar

By targeting the above mentioned language skills during these sequencing tasks, children are able to practice grammar, vocabulary they use DAILY, and basic story retell skills in a structured activity. 

This activity is "explicit" in its teaching vs targeting these skills during story time or general conversation.

How To Use Materials

These materials are made using Google Slides and are "no-print." They can be used in teletherapy or "in-person" treatment.

How to use materials:

  1. First, click the link below
  2. Second, a window will pop up that prompts you to "make a copy."
  3. Click "make a copy."
  4. Open the file in Google Drive
  5. Use the file in "edit mode." Do not press "present."
  6. To complete a task, click on a slide. 
  7. Then, have the child arrange the slides in the correct order.
  8. To drag an item, first click on the item to "highlight it." Then, drag it to corresponding box.
  9. If targeting sequencing/language skills, have the child re-tell each step of the task (make sure to use sequence words such as first, next, last).

Free Sample

If you would like a free sample of an activity of daily living - 3 steps (real photos), fill out the form below.

Free ADL No-Print Material

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Activities of Daily Living

Access Materials


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  • 3 steps - using real photos
  • 4 steps - using real photos
  • 5 steps - using real phots
  • 3 steps - using clipart
  • 4 steps - using clipart


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