Speech Therapy Monthly Calendars

I’m very excited to share my new resource, which was one of my favorite member’s requests to date…speech therapy monthly calendars!

This idea came at the perfect time as I have been reflecting, researching, and creating materials that support home practice and encourage generalization in a fun, manageable way. We want our kids to maintain progress over summer but we don’t want to cause burnout. It is a fine line!

Speech Therapy Burnout

For children in speech therapy, extended breaks can lead to regression. We don’t want that!

However, we don't want to cause burnout either! As I have been dealing with burnout in my own personal life, I see that we ALL NEED A BREAK from time to time. 

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the principles of motor learning, how to create and maintain new motor habits, burnout, the overscheduled child, etc… and how they all relate to each other. It’s quite fascinating really!

I decided, as June fast approaches, it is more important than ever to enjoy the slow pace of summer, unplug from all of our screens, connect with each other, AND have some fun, natural speech and language practice.

To accomplish this, families and students need our guidance and resources.

This summer, we DON'T WANT TO:

  • Add complicated, time consuming tasks to already busy lives
  • Make families feel bad for taking breaks from home practice/therapy sessions
  • Add more pressure to stressed out kids

This summer, we DO WANT TO:

  • Show how we can model speech and language EASILY during daily activities
  • Provide practice ideas that are easy, quick, and fun
  • Tailor home practice ideas to specific needs and interests of each child
  • Provide parents with resources so they feel capable of continuing practice throughout the summer. 
  • Set realistic goals!

Speech Therapy Homework Calendars

The request for speech therapy homework calendars came at the perfect time! What a great idea!

I had a lot of fun making these homework calendars. I completed an articulation calendar and a language calendar for both June and July in both English and Spanish. I tried my best to make the ideas quick, fun, and easy to do. I also sprinkled in days of rest and relaxation. It is summer after all!

Here's how they work:

  1. Variety of Activities: Each month, the calendar features a range of activities targeting either articulation or language skills. These activities may include naming a few flashcards, going on a fun scavenger hunt, playing game of charades, reading, drawing with chalk, etc….
  2. Progress Tracking: Clients are encouraged to track their progress by marking off completed activities on the calendar. This visual representation of progress can be highly motivating and rewarding.
  3. Incorporating Daily Routines: Homework calendars should integrate speech practice into daily routines. Whether it's practicing sounds while getting ready in the morning or playing word games during family game night, these activities become part of everyday life.
  4. Family Involvement: Homework calendars provide an opportunity to involve family members in the therapy process. Parents can support their child's speech practice at home, fostering a collaborative approach. Also, parents will learn how to easily support practice at home! 

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Feedback Please

For my members, PLEASE send me your feedback.

I loved these calendars so much that I plan to release one each month for speech and language in both English and Spanish. I would love to hear what you like, don’t like, or want more of! Seriously 🙂

Summer Practice Packets

These calendars are a great addition to any summer practice home practice packet. For more tips on how to create one easily, click here.

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