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Our Unique Therapy Approach

Bridget has been praised for her ability to connect quickly with children and adults and build a fun, trusting relationship. Communication skills are personal and difficult to work on, but with the right connection, meaningful progress can be made.

Speech Therapy Talk Services, LLC treatment philosophy:

  • Only use research-based treatments that are tailored to each child’s individual needs. 
  • Personal 1:1 treatment is crucial to make meaningful progress in the quickest way possible.
  • Value the importance of early detection and early treatment so children do not have to play “catch-up” in elementary schools.
  • Offer a personalized touch to the therapy process so that children respond well to and love coming to therapy each week.
  • We value importance of family/caregiver involvement during treatment.
  • Believe that a therapist must truly get to know each client and their family in order to deliver the most effective treatment. Trust and connection are crucial during the therapy process!

Why Choose Private Therapy?


The NUMBER ONE BENEFIT of private speech therapy is the freedom to evaluate and design treatment plans that are exactly what each child needs at that moment in time.


No two people are alike; therefore, no two therapy program shall be alike either! Every client will have a unique plan using evidence-based treatment techniques. 


Bridget takes pride in being able to continually assess a child throughout the therapy progress and update goals/techniques as often as needed to make the most meaningful and rapid progress. 

Assessment Offered

Phone Consultation/Screening

  • 15 min phone consultation
  • Review of case history form to determine next steps
  • Best’s FREE
  • Speech & Language Evaluations

    Speech and language evaluations assess articulation and language abilities. The length and price of the evaluation are discussed prior to scheduling the assessment. Price will depend on a variety of factors including:

    • Age of child
    • Case history
    • Areas of assessment
    • Projected length of assessment

    Every assessment includes:

    • Parent Interview
    • Formal testing
    • Scoring
    • Interpretation
    • Report writing
    • Treatment plan (if applicable)
    • Consultation with family and/or teacher

    Initial Treatment Session

    An initial treatment session is for clients who have either:

    • A speech/language evaluation within a calendar year
    • An active IEP

    An initial treatment session includes:

    • Review of case history form
    • Phone consultation to determine needs
    • Informal evaluation of progress according to previous goals
    • Creation of new, individualized treatment plan (if applicable)

    Individual Treatment Sessions

    We offer individual speech and language treatment sessions in the western suburbs of Chicago.

    Therapy Sessions Include:

  • 35-40 minutes working with child
  • 5-10 minutes consultation with parents face-to-face or through a home practice program
  • Individualized home practice program
  • 6-Month progress updates (or sooner if determined necessary)
  • Frequency of sessions will depend entirely on the child and his/her individual needs. 
  • Areas of Assessment & Treatment


    • Receptive Language
    • Expressive Language
    • Pragmatic Language
    • Vocabulary/Word Finding


    • Oral motor
    • Apraxia of Speech
    • Articulation Disorders
    • Phonological Processing Disorders
    • Tongue Thrust


    • Dysphagia
    • Feeding Disorders
    • Vocal Disorders (polyps, nodules, spasmodic dysphonia)
    • Vocal Cord Dysfunction

    Accent Modification

    • Change/reduce current accent

    Payment & Insurance

    Speech Therapy Talk Services, LLC accepts:

    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois insurance
    • private pay.

    We are not an HMO or Medicare provider.


    Speech Therapy Talk Services, LLC is conveniently located in south Elmhurst near Oakbrook, IL. There is plenty of parking and it located near Route 83. 

    Address: 340 W Butterfield, Suite 4B, Elmhurst, IL 60126


    Bridget Giraldo, MS, CCC-SLP is a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and founder of Speech Therapy Talk Services, LLC. Bridget founded Speech Therapy Talk Services, LLC in 2017 to help reach clients who may not qualify for services but need them, for clients who respond well to individual/intense treatment, clients who need to supplement school therapy, and for clients who are seeking a personalized/warm therapy experience.

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