Speech Therapy Fall Teletherapy


It is time to celebrate the fall with some fun and interactive speech therapy fall teletherapy materials using Google Slides. Keep reading to grab your free copies!

One thing I have learned from the crisis of COVID-19 is how to use digital materials. It was a steep learning curve but now I am actually LOVING it for many reasons:

  • Saves trees (no more printing)
  • Saves time (my membership site holds everything I need)
  • Engaging
  • Interactive

Since I invested in a second screen, I have been using my Google Slides with my in-person clients as well as my remote clients. I call it my "smart board"

Speech Therapy  Fall Teletherapy Materials

These speech therapy fall teletherapy materials that I created here are simple yet engaging. I used Google Slides as my medium since it seems that most people have access to this instead of PowerPoint or Adobe.

These materials have:

  • Real pictures
  • Fall themes
  • Colorful pictures


You can use these materials any way you see fit.

However, I have some ideas:

  • Drill practice
  • Questions to be used during a game
  • Take turns being a teacher/student and correcting the "teacher's mistakes"

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