Speech Therapy Fall Teletherapy


It is time to celebrate the fall with some fun and interactive speech therapy fall teletherapy materials using Google Slid

One thing I have learned from the crisis of COVID-19 is how to use digital materials. It was a steep learning curve but now I am actually LOVING it for many reasons:

  • Saves trees (no more printing)
  • Saves time (my membership site holds everything I need)
  • Engaging
  • Interactive

Since I invested in a second screen, I have been using my Google Slides with my in-person clients as well as my remote clients. I call it my "smart board"

Speech Therapy  Fall Teletherapy Materials

These speech therapy fall teletherapy materials that I created here are simple yet engaging. I used Google Slides as my medium since it seems that most people have access to this instead of PowerPoint or Adobe.

These materials have:

  • Real pictures
  • Fall themes
  • Colorful pictures


You can use these materials any way you see fit.

However, I have some ideas:

  • Drill practice
  • Questions to be used during a game
  • Take turns being a teacher/student and correcting the "teacher's mistakes"

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