Spring I Spy

Speech Therapy Games

Surprisingly, these spring I spy games have been my most requested materials this year. They are easily adaptable and fun for all ages. 

I use these materials all the time to target both speech and language goals. 

To learn how to use these games and grab a free download, please keep reading!

How To Play 

Most children LOVE I Spy. It is a game they know and have most likely played with their family. 

In case you have never played this game, I will fill you in now!

One player silently chooses a pictures from a slide and says, "I spy with my little eye" or "I see something" and finishes the sentence with a clue/description about their chosen object.

For example, a player may chose "cookie." Once "cookie" is chosen, the player may say "I see something that you can eat." (TH version). The other players have to guess what the mystery picture is based on the clues given.

Players take turns being the guesser.

Spring I Spy Materials - Therapy Ideas

I created some Spring I Spy materials using Google Slides since most have access to Google. If you don't, please sign up for a free Gmail account and then you have access!

Below are some of my favorite ways to target speech and language skills while playing this game.


When targeting Articulation, I either

  • use materials that have the target sound in the pictures (different materials - members, please click this link to access those materials)
  • alter the carrier phrase to get some articulation practice (please see my list below)

Carrier phrase ideas:

  • S - Blends (spy) - I spy with my little eye something...
  • L & T (little) - I spy with my little eye something...
  • TH & K (thinking, something, that) - I am thinking of something that...
  • G & S (guess) - Guess what I am thinking, it has.....
  • K (can) - Can you guess what I am thinking? It has....
  • R (ready) - (give clues). Ready, set, guess....


To work on vocabulary, try these ideas:

  • Function - the player must name the function of the picture before others will take a guess
  • Category - the player must name the category the object/picture belongs to before others will take a guess
  • Looks like - the players must describe what the picture looks like (size, shape, pattern, color) before the other players can take a guess
  • Location - the player must name the location of where the picture would be found before others can take a guess

Sentence Structure

To work on sentence structure, try these ideas: 

  • Describe a picture with a complete sentence
  • Use whatever grammatical structure is being targeted in the description


To work on prepositions, describe which object to circle or guess by relating its location to another object.

For example - 

  • I spy something that is under the umbrella
  • I spy something that is next to the flower.

How To Open and Use Materials

To use these materials, you need Google Slides.

  1. Click on link below
  2. Once the Google Presentation is open, click "present" in the top right corner.
  3. For the free materials, you can use the pictures and play "I Spy." If you click on the screen, it will move to the next slide. Instead, use an annotation tool to draw on it instead of clicking on pictures.
  4. For the paid materials, ask the question written on the top of each slide. Once the client finishes answering it, click on the slide to progress to the next slide to "check answers."

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