Food Cutting Toys

Speech Therapy Ideas

I love using food cutting toys for speech therapy. Kids love it too. Watch my video below to see what the toys look like and how to use them to target a wide range of goals. 

Where to buy food cutting toys

This set of food cutting toys (featured in the video above) is made by Melissa and Doug. I found them at a discount store; however, you can find these toys anywhere! They are often at children's resale shops which makes them very affordable.

Speech Therapy Using Food Cutting Toys

Below are just some of the ideas you can use for speech therapy. 

Articulation Ideas

Young children find these games very engaging. I use them for a variety of sounds.

For younger kids:

  1. /k/: cut...
  2. /m/: more cut..., my turn...
  3. /p/: chop...
  4. /t/: cut..., turn..., eat...
  5. /n/: Knife

For older kids:

  1. "ch:" chop...
  2. /s/: Make a salad
  3. /f/: Knife

Articulation guides and more!

If you need more guidance or more materials, we have just the thing.

Social Skills

These food cutting toys are great for social groups. Most students are very motivated to work together in order to play with this toy.

You can challenge your students to:

  • Ask other students for a turn with the knife to cut food
  • Ask other students for a piece of fruit
  • Make a fruit salad together

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