Free Speech Language Screening Tool

Ever wonder if your child is behind with their speech and language development? Is the internet giving you a headache? Are you getting conflicting answers? Do two different professionals give you two different opinions? Yes? Then my free speech language screening tool can help!

If this is familiar, you are not alone. MANY, MANY, MANY parents WORRY if their children are behind other children. This is a normal feeling. We all want the best for our children and we all want to help them if we can!

free speech language screening tool

To help parents gain perspective and insight into their children's development AND to provide parents with free resources to read TODAY, I created free speech language screening tools.

As a parent and a speech-language pathologist, I realize that the information given to parents (by the internet and medical professionals) is often misguided and incomplete.

This leads to parents worrying unnecessarily and/or parents not seeking help when they probably should.

To be honest, I am sick of it! So, to help parents get on the right track, I created free tools that helps parents right away. Scroll down to find out how!

Speech-Language Screening Tool: By Age

Below, you will find links to a speech-language screening tool based on age. You can take one or all.

Click on the link and an assessment will appear. Answer the questions and click submit. Once you click submit, click on the link "view accuracy." Here, you will find how your child did. If your child is having difficulty with a certain skill, there are links that have lots of free resources, information, and games to try today!1


This speech-language screening tool DOES NOT:

  • Replace a speech and language evaluation completed by a licensed speech-language pathologist. 
  • Diagnose a speech and/or language disorder
  • Qualify children for speech therapy
  • Collect any personal information or share any personal information

If you have any concerns about your child PLEASE:

  • Contact your child's pediatrician
  • Find a local speech pathologist to set up a consultation
  • Contact your child's school district for recommendations
  • Contact us if you live in the Chicago area.

Speech and Language Development

If you are new to this site or new to speech and language development that's okay! Welcome. We are happy to have you 🙂

I recommend that you brush up on the basics of language development. It makes everything else fall into place!

Finding A Speech Therapist

If you have concerns, it's okay! Honestly, it is better to err on the side of caution. An evaluation or consultation CANNOT HURT! All it can do is provide you with information on your child's development and resources on how to help.

For more information on speech therapy, click here

For tips on how to find a speech pathologist, click here.

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